Free Pick Up Service

Free Pick Up Service what is it and how it works

ESA Erasmus Student Association Napoli offers a totally free Pick-Up service reserved for all international students arriving in the city of Naples through the Erasmus + project.



This service is offered by ESA Napoli volunteers and it’is inspired by buddy projects in most of the european and international academic excellences.



An ESA volunteer (buddy) will wait for you at the airport or at the station and will take you to the chosen address and will be at your disposal to offer you any kind of help.

Accessing the service is simple


Just book the service by filling in the form below AT LEAST 7 DAYS BEFORE THE DAY IN YOU NEED THE PICK UP by entering all the required informations and waiting for the acceptance email.


Usually the reply email arrives 10 to 7 days before the day you requested the Pick Up Service.



All requests that do not meet the above requirements will be automatically rejected.

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