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You just came back from Erasmus or you would have always liked to live this incredible experience, but you have not succeeded yet?



Do you want to (re)live this experience in the city where you live with a youthful and stimulating group of people?



Do you think this is not possible? AND INSTEAD NO !!!



All this has a name: Erasmus Student Association!



We are a non-profit association formed by Neapolitan university students and ex Erasmus students who have decided to rediscover their city through Erasmus student eyes .


..who wants to GROW!


ESA Napoli gives you the opportunity to meet a new world, made by new challenges and many opportunities for personal and professional development!

..who wants to TRAVEL!


The most beautiful trip, is the one has not yet been done” and with ESA Napoli you never stop traveling, whether with Erasmus around Italy or Europe or with the will looking for challenges never faced before!

..who loves CHALLENGE!


Because the first challenge is always against yourself; but every project, every event, every activity always presents new stimulations to live up to. This is why ESA Napoli Staff volunteers invest passion and devotion every day, obtaining the best possible result. Seeing your goals accomplished repays all your efforts, always!

..who wants OPPORTUNITY!



There’s no shortage of that! It is said that the train passes only once in life, instead many trains pass in ESA Napoli, it’s up to you to be there on time and take the right one!

..who deals with everything with PASSION!


Because this is the engine of everything; It’s what drives every ESA Napoli Staff volunteer to give their best, for every small detail, starting from a tour organized with their Erasmus, to events that involve hundreds and more people.



ESA Napoli is not just an association, it is a big extended family, where you will surely find your place. It will allow you to meet many new people, scattered in every corner of the world, and it is able to create indissoluble bonds:


It’s not about Helping, it’s all about Family!


Fill in the pre-selection form and you will be contacted soon:

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