Esa Card

What is the ESA Card?

The main objective of ESA Erasmus Student Association Napoli is to help all international students to quickly integrate into city life, offering free support and various benefits and discounts.

For this reason the ESA Card was born, the Erasmus card in Naples that for 10€ will allow you to obtain:

  • A valid identification document as an Erasmus student recognized throughout Europe;

  • The opportunity to join all organized activities and initiatives by the non-profit Association ESA Erasmus Student Association Napoli as international parties, cineforum in the mathertongue, free tours and much more!

  • Special discounts with all our affiliated istitutional and commercial partners. You can find the complete list and a specific description for each benefits by accessing the “Convenzioni” section on the Home of this site.

How to get it?

  • Purchase it through the shop section of our site. After purchasing it, just send us an email at enclosing the payment receipt. The card will be activated within 24/48 hours from the time of purchase and will be physically withdrawable at our office in Naples in via Toledo, 424 on specific days and opening hours (to stay informed, just contact our facebook page or our whatsapp number). There is no home delivery.

What do you need to be able to get the card?

  • Personal identification document (national id or passport);


  • Personal photo format 4cm x 3cm.